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The hearing commencing 20 September 2021 has now concluded. 


Click below to watch all available oral evidence. 
You can also access all available witness statements and transcripts associated with this hearing on our Inquiry Documents page. 



Oral evidence Inquiry Documents
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Inquiry Timetable

All sessions subject to change


Evidence will be taken in the following forms: 

In person - witness gives their evidence in the hearing room

Remotely - witness gives their evidence via a video link

Closed hearing – witness gives their evidence in private due to a Restriction Order in place; session will not be broadcast

Witness not present - the witness has chosen not to give evidence in person and their statement will be read by Counsel to the Inquiry

Week Information
01 to 05 November
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
01 November
02 November
03 November
04 November
05 November
10:00 - 13:00 (approx)
Witness 4

(closed hearing)

Theresa Smith

(closed hearing)

Mark Bisset

(in person)

Lesley King

(in person)

Abhishek Behl

(in person)

14:00 - 16:00 (approx)
No sitting
Matthew Smith

(closed hearing)

Haley Winter

(in person)

Peter Landale

(in person)

No sitting